The Grid

Midway (2000-2001)

A third person shooter similar to Quake II or Half-Life death-match. Up to six cabinets can link via firewire to allow multiplayer games.

Known Hardware

Zeus II

No known game versions run on this hardware.

Known Parts

No known parts for this game.

Images and Diagrams

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Repair Manuals

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Repair Tips

Joystick Repair

The joysticks for The Grid appear to be unobtainable. They seem like a custom joystick designed for the game. However, the circuitry that reads the positioning is a standard Midway 49-way joystick. These are commonly available in NFL Blitz cabinets. You can disassemble a NFL Blitz joystick and use the circuit board as well as several of the plastic pieces to repair a Grid joystick.