Midway (1997-2000)

A board made in the mid-90s by Midway that powers several arcade games. Game boards can be swapped between games as long as the minimum CPU spec is respected. If you swap a game requiring a faster CPU onto a board with a slower CPU, the game will still run but will experience slowdown.

🔗Known Games


No known game versions run on this hardware.

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No known parts for this hardware.

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🔗Repair Tips

🔗 CPU Compatibility

If you want to use a particular game board as a donor board for another game, make sure that the CPU clock frequency is at least as fast as the game you are replacing. Swap out the ROM chips in the top left of the game and plug everything in the same as it was before and the game will operate fine.

The CPU clock frequency for known games is listed below:

  • Blitz - 150MHz
  • Blitz '99 - 150MHz
  • CarnEvil - 150MHz
  • Hyperdrive - 200MHz
  • NFL Blitz 2000 - 150MHz

🔗 CMOS Battery

If the game is resetting your settings every boot, you should replace the CMOS battery located in the center of the board. The holder takes a CR2325 battery.