Nanao MS9-29

Nanao (1994)

A 29" monitor featured in many machines, including the Sega New Astro City and Taito Egret II, in addition to many dedicated machines.

The biggest feature this monitor has over the MS8-29 is a unified Contrast adjustment, which adjusts gain of all three channels in unity. In addition, changing gain will not offset the bias level, so color tracking is not distorted in proportion to the bias levels.

This monitor supports 15KHz and 24Khz horizontal refresh rates.

Known Games🔗

No known games for this hardware.

Known Parts🔗

Images and Diagrams🔗

Repair Manuals🔗

No manuals currently added.

Repair Tips🔗

Pincushion and horizontal width adjustments do not work 🔗

Test or replace the transistor at Q508.TODO: List transistor type

"Dead" 🔗

If it's dead, and the fuse at F901 is good, then your problem lies in the primary power supply. Almost always this is a defective IC at Q901.

If Q901 has a silicone insulator around it, it is a Toshiba 2SK1531. Otherwise, it is a K1723.

Chirp, minutes after powering it down 🔗

If a monitor is dead, or has shut off, you may hear a chirp minutes after removing power from the chassis. This is the protection of the primary power supply being removed. this is a hint to check the primary power supply transistor at Q901.

Poor horizontal linearity 🔗

Horizontal S correction is provided by a switchable set of S-capacitors. A jumper labeled "E" connects to either CN507 ("Normal") or CN505 ("Wide"). This jumper connects or disconnects C531.

Horizontal blurriness, or trailing RGB lines 🔗

If a recap and adjustment of the focus knob on the LOPT doesn't make the image sharp, and you're sure it isn't the tube's condition, the video amp at U201 may need to be replaced. This is an M51387P.