Cave CV1000

Cave (2019-2004)

CV1000 is Cave's last dedicated JAMMA hardware platform. It features an SH3 CPU, a CyClone EP1C12 FPGA acting as a framebuffer, and a YMZ770C audio decoder for streaming compressed audio.

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🔗Repair Tips

🔗 Filter cap leakage

The large electrolytic capacitor in the top-left corner has been seen leaking, causing minor corrosion. Unless it has been left unattended for a long time, repair of the corrosion should be very easy,.

The capacitor is located at C901, and is rated for 2200uF at 25v.

🔗 CPU stuck in boot loop, nothing on screen

If the CPU is stuck with the LED at D6 lit, pulsing every second or so to a slightly darker color, ensure that the SH3 RTC crystal at X2 is intact and oscillating. It is a 32.768KHz crystal. This is not to be confused with the RTC-EEPROM at U10, which has its own internal crystal.