Oiles 80F-0603

unknown, original

Konami Part #111747600000 "TOP BUSHING" in the SDVX Nemsys generation cabinet's Volume Assembly.Acetal bushing, self lubricating. See its product page for details.

Where applicable, suitable replacements from other manufacturers that have the same dimensions and material composition are included in the known vendors section. These products are functional equivalents though they are not OEM.

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🔗 Sintered Bronze Alternative

In order to defend against handblading you can change the factory acetal bush to a sintered bronze bush. Sintered bronze bushes in this size tend to have the incorrect dimensions.

The Oiles Drymet LFF bushing series LFF-0605 is a suitable replacement but is 2mm too long.

To account for this you can either trim the bushing to size (~3mm height desirable) using a die grinder or just with a grinding wheel.

Alternatively you can remove the factory OEM washer and install a shim washer between the bush and bracket that is 2mm tall, 8mm ID.