Sanwa 29E31S-16 Monitor Chassis

29E31S-16, original

SANWA OEM monitor used in some Japanese games.

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Chassis and neckboard

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Capacitor List

There is a capacitor list inside the service manual. However, they list all caps including non-electrolytic caps which don't usually need to be replaced. I've gone through my 29E31S-16 board and grabbed the values off the capacitors manually for my own capacitor swap. There is a total of 63 capacitors with 13 on the neckboard.

  • 1x 6.3V 1000uF
  • 1x 10V 2200uF
  • 1x 16V 10uF
  • 1x 16V 22uF
  • 1x 16V 100uF
  • 1x 16V 220uF
  • 2x 16V 470uF
  • 1x 25V 10uF
  • 4x 25V 47uF
  • 4x 25V 100uF
  • 2x 25V 470uF
  • 1x 25V 3300uF
  • 1x 35V 100uF
  • 1x 35V 220uF
  • 1x 35V 330uF
  • 1x 35V 1000uF
  • 1x 50V .47uF
  • 12x 50V 1uF
  • 1x 50V 2.2uF
  • 2x 50V 3.3uF
  • 1x 50V 4.7uF
  • 8x 50V 10uF
  • 1x 50V 10uF bipolar
  • 1x 50V 33uF
  • 1x 50V 33uF bipolar
  • 2x 50V 47uF
  • 1x 50V 220uF
  • 1x 50V 1000uF
  • 1x 100V 4.7uF
  • 2x 160V 33uF
  • 1x 160V 100uF
  • 1x 160V 470uF (high-ripple)
  • 1x 200V 1000uF
  • 1x 250V 33uF