ELV-24Y36A-K, original

Sound Voltex woosh knob sensor.

This is an infinite pot that uses hall effect sensors rather than contacts. If you order one it will come with the necessary fastening hardware.

Part is reportedly discontinued by Sensatec. Official Sensatec equivalent replacement parts are either the ELV-24M36G or the ELV-24Y36G

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If, while in menus, you complete a turn and stop, and the music selection will randomly jump up or down a few songs at the end of your rotation, your pot is probably jittering and needs to be replaced. This should be reproducable in the test menu. In the test menu output flicker of +/-1 ticks is generally normal and will not cause drops unless there are deadzones/jumps in play.

🔗 Suitable Replacements

You may notice that the ELV-24Y36G, ELV-24M36G, and ELV-24X35B-K do not actually share the same voltage output characteristics as the ELV-24Y36A-K (0.07 V to 4.92 V DC ± 1 % FS), and indeed the ELV-24X35B-K has a longer rise/fall time of +/-2.5°, thus it is rated at ±175° (350°) vs the .2° rise/fall time of the 360° rated ELV-24Y/M variants.

Since Exceed Gear the pots need to be calibrated in the test menu before starting the game after NVRAM has been cleared. This seems to be the reason. As such, none of these pots will really be suitable for cabinets running Vividwave or older, though the ELV-24X35B-K seems to follow the voltage output characteristics of roughly 0-5V so despite the electrical angle ratings it may work ok. Needs testing.