Sega Chihiro Xboxboard

unknown, original

An Microsoft manufactured motherboard running a specilized "ARCADE" kernel. these boards are probably overproduction developmentkits rebuild or on purpose to become arcade systems.

Instead of the MCPX X3 found in all retail xboxes, these are fitted (like the development kits) with X2 chips, this means that a kernel on the TSOP should account for this missing "hidden" bootrom.

The SMC pic chip still requires the right challenge so but is a differnt version from retail hardware.

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🔗 Remove the clock cap

The cap on the lower left,(when seen from the front side of the console) where cap C7G2 or C7G3 sits, remove it, or replace with high quality one (or a battery and diode) Its know to be leaking and can cause more harm than to keep the system prestine.