Bandai Namco NBLine Router

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Used by a variety of more modern Bandai Namco games that have online authentication (eg current versions of WMMT). These are locked down and generally cannot be logged into by conventional means.

Known Models of Routers Used:Cisco 861

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🔗 NBLine router quirks.

In order to properly connect an NBLine router to the internet, it has to be properly configured on the internet router side. The NBLine router needs to be on its own separate DHCP server from all other devices and configured with the correct gateway IP and IP Range

The problem begins in that these are both often static on the NBLine router and are not printed on the router either and since the webUI frontend for these routers are usually locked down tight, we need to use alternative methods.

The method I used for the Cisco 861 NBLine router was as follows.

1. Download Wireshark to a laptop and install it.

2. Plug an ethernet cable into the laptop and the other end into the WAN port of the NBLine router.

3. Start up Wireshark and begin capturing packets on the Ethernet port

4. Look for a packet that is from a device starting with "Cisco". The packet information here should say something along the lines of "Who is, Tell" for example.

In the example above, the NBLine router will have the IP Address and it is looking for a router on the gateway IP of

Now that you have that information you can close out of wireshark and configure a DHCP server on your internet router, set the IP Address of the internet router to the GATEWAY IP (in this case and the DHCP range should be +-1 of the NBLine routers IP (for example, in this case the NBLine router is so we would set the DHCP range to to start and to finish). Save and apply settings.

The router should then connect to the internet. You'll know the connection was successful when you see the VPN LED on the router light up. You can now restart/start any connected cabinets to get them to connect to Bandai Namco web services.

Note: I'm not sure if all you need to do is just make a separate DHCP server for the NBLine router or if you have to isolate the LAN port it is connected to from all other ports as well as having a separate DHCP server but I did the latter in this case and it worked. You can try just setting a separate DHCP server and seeing if that works, if it does then please update this to say so.

Note 2: At least with the Cisco 861 routers, it may be necessary to lock the negotiation rate to 10M/Half Duplex for the NBLine router to function properly. Most of the time your internet router will properly auto negotiate this but if it doesn't and you're still having issues, try locking the connection speed on the LAN port the NBLine router is on to 10M/Half Duplex