Keyboard Mania

Konami (2000-2001)

Known Hardware🔗


  • Keyboard Heaven (GU974-KA)
  • Keyboard Mania 1st Mix (GQ974)
  • Keyboard Mania 2nd Mix (GCA01)
  • Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix (GCA12)

Known Parts🔗

Images and Diagrams🔗

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Repair Manuals🔗

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Repair Tips🔗

Compatible Keyboards 🔗

The keys and the membranes can be swapped from a Yamaha PSR-100 or PSR-240 keyboard. Additionally, the PSR-240 also has one compatible circuit for reading keys in case one of yours is bad. Syntaur has replacement sets that are brand new as well. For more information on swapping keys, contact strips or replacing a bad input board, see the Yamaha Keyboard Keys article.

Replacement Screw Specifications 🔗

Here is a partial list of screws found on a Keyboard Mania.

  • Start button plexiglass screws - Button head hex drive stainless steel M4 0.7mm thread pitch 10mm length screws [1]