Konami (2000-2001)

A semi-standard stack used to run a multitude of rhythm games from Konami. These are notoriously finicky and most of the time the parts cannot be shared between games due to slightly different board layouts.


Known Games🔗

beatmania III

  • Beatmania III (GQ972)
  • Beatmania III Append 6thMix (GCA21)
  • Beatmania III Append 7thMix (GCB07)
  • Beatmania III Append Core Remix (GCA05)
  • Beatmania III The Final (GCC01)

Keyboard Mania

  • Keyboard Heaven (GU974-KA)
  • Keyboard Mania 1st Mix (GQ974)
  • Keyboard Mania 2nd Mix (GCA01)
  • Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix (GCA12)

Para Para Paradise

  • Para Para Dancing (GQ977)
  • Para Para Paradise (GQ977)
  • Para Para Paradise 1st Mix Plus (GQA11)
  • Para Para Paradise v. 1.1 (GQ977)

pop'n music

  • Pop'n Music 4 (GQ986)
  • Pop'n Music 5 (G_A04)
  • Pop'n Music 6 (G_A16)
  • Pop'n Music 7 (GCB00)
  • Pop'n Music 8 (G_B30)
  • Pop'n Music Animelo (GQ987)
  • Pop'n Music Animelo 2 (GCA02/GEA02)
  • Pop'n Music Mickey Tunes (GQ976)

Known Parts🔗

Images and Diagrams🔗

Composite Firebeat mainboard image. The base image is from Keyboard Mania. The other boards that have unique chips have that information highlighted and annotated.

Repair Manuals🔗

No manuals currently added.

Repair Tips🔗

Missing lights/inconsistent 12v output from the I/O harness? 🔗

Missing lights may be related to the idec NRPS11-6A PCB-mount circuit breaker, located near the I/O harness connector, directly below the RTC. Replacing this with a new circuit breaker allowed the lights to function normally.

Recovery password (or replacing RTCRAM Batteries) 🔗

There are a pair of batteries powering the RTCRAM on the main board which contains some system settings as well as a license file. If the batteries run out, most Firebeat software will display a license screen and ask you to call Konami. You can use the following keygen to enter a valid password to unlock your device :

Note that you can replace the batteries as they are wired in parallel. If you replace them carefully one at a time with new batteries you should never encounter that password screen in the first place.

(Pop'n Music) No sound output from LINE OUT 🔗

There is a 9 pin connector under the LINE OUT and LINE OUT (AUX) RCA connectors. This 9 pin connector is supposed to be wired to a volume pot which controls the LINE OUT level.

If you don't have a volume pot, you can join pin 2 with pin 4, and join pin 3 with pin 5 (assuming pin 1 on top)