Konami (2000-2001)

A semi-standard stack used to run a multitude of rhythm games from Konami. These are notoriously finicky and most of the time the parts cannot be shared between games due to slightly different board layouts.


Known Games

Beatmania III

  • Beatmania III (GQ972)
  • Beatmania III Append 6thMix (GCA21)
  • Beatmania III Append 7thMix (GCB07)
  • Beatmania III Append Core Remix (GCA05)
  • Beatmania III The Final (GCC01)

Keyboard Mania

  • Keyboard Heaven (GU974-KA)
  • Keyboard Mania 1st Mix (GQ974)
  • Keyboard Mania 2nd Mix (GCA01)
  • Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix (GCA12)

Para Para Paradise

  • Para Para Dancing (GQ977)
  • Para Para Paradise (GQ977)
  • Para Para Paradise 1st Mix Plus (GQA11)
  • Para Para Paradise v. 1.1 (GQ977)

pop'n music

  • Pop'n Music 4 (GQ986)
  • Pop'n Music 5 (G_A04)
  • Pop'n Music 6 (G_A16)
  • Pop'n Music 7 (GCB00)
  • Pop'n Music 8 (G_B30)
  • Pop'n Music Animelo (GQ987)
  • Pop'n Music Animelo 2 (GCA02/GEA02)
  • Pop'n Music Mickey Tunes (GQ976)

Known Parts

Images and Diagrams

Composite Firebeat mainboard image. The base image is from Keyboard Mania. The other boards that have unique chips have that information highlighted and annotated.

Repair Manuals

No manuals currently added.

Repair Tips

Missing lights/inconsistent 12v output from the I/O harness?

Missing lights may be related to the idec NRPS11-6A PCB-mount circuit breaker (, located near the I/O harness connector, directly below the RTC. Replacing this with a new circuit breaker allowed the lights to function normally.