Amuseworld/Square Pixels (1999-0)

Korean DJ Arcade Game. Similar to Beatmania III. Cabinets have been out of production for multiple years.

Known Hardware

EZ2AC PC (Rev 1)

  • EZ2AC: Evolve
  • EZ2AC: Night Traveler
  • EZ2AC: Time Traveler

EZ2DJ PC (Rev 1)

  • EZ2DJ 1st Trax
  • EZ2DJ 1st Trax SE
  • EZ2DJ 2nd Trax - It Rules Once Again
  • EZ2DJ 3rd Trax - Absolute Pitch
  • EZ2DJ 4th Trax - Over Mind
  • EZ2DJ 5th Trax - Platinum
  • EZ2DJ 6th Trax - Self Evolution

EZ2DJ PC (Rev 2)

  • EZ2AC: Endless Circulation
  • EZ2AC: Evolve
  • EZ2DJ 7th Trax - Bonus Edition
  • EZ2DJ 7th Trax - Bonus Edition Revision A (BeRA)
  • EZ2DJ 7th Trax - Codename Violet
  • EZ2DJ 7th Trax - Resistance (1.0 through 2.0)
  • EZ2DJ: Azure Expression
  • EZ2DJ: Azure Expression Integral Composition

Known Parts

No known parts for this game.

Images and Diagrams

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Repair Manuals

No manuals currently added.

Repair Tips

E1002 Error in Night Traveler and Time Traveler

The launcher will error out with this error if it detects any of the following:

A keyboard is connected to the computer

The dongle is not present

A sound card is not plugged in