EZ2AC PC (Rev 1)

unknown (2015-2019)

AKA EZ2DJ PC (Rev 3)

Specs are as follows:

Important Note about chipsets:Intel's 845 series of chipsets has multiple variations each of which support different things. Only a few 845 chipsets however support AGP graphics. When buying a motherboard, make sure the board you buy has any of the following chipset variations: 845, 845E, 845G, 845GE or 845PE.


Known working boards:MSI 845 Pro4-L (Model Number: MS-6391) (Note that only one version of this board supports ISA)

Known Games🔗


  • EZ2AC: Evolve
  • EZ2AC: Final
  • EZ2AC: Night Traveler
  • EZ2AC: Time Traveler

Known Parts🔗

No known parts for this hardware.

Images and Diagrams🔗

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Repair Manuals🔗

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Repair Tips🔗

Alternative PC builds: MS-6555 🔗

Below is the parts guide for an alternative PC build for EZ2AC. This build is recommended for those who just want to run the newer games on their machines and don't care about the hardware being exactly 100% one to one. The parts here are significantly easier to find as a result and are also far cheaper.

This build has been reported to work with Evolve through to Time Traveler (at the time of writing final has not been tested yet) however your mileage may vary.

MS-6555 based PC:

  • Motherboard: MS-6555 Intel 845GL Chipset motherboard
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Northwood or Intel Celeron Northwood or Intel Celeron D Prescot 2.4GHz or higher. Socket 478
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200, 5500, 5600 and 5700 ""PCI EDITION""
  • Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value 2
  • IO: Custom ISA slotted IO card
  • OS: Windows XP Professional

The MS-6555 uses the 845GL chipset which does NOT have support for AGP. To get around this you will need to use a graphics card on the PCI bus instead. These can be found relatively cheaply on ebay.

Because of the lack of an AGP slot, you will be unable to install the GPU upgrade that Time Traveler and above use. However as this GPU upgrade was largely useless anyway I have heard people with this build report that Time Traveler runs fine. Again, your mileage may vary