Konami (1997-2002)

Known Hardware🔗

DJ Main

  • Beatmania
  • Beatmania 2ndMix
  • Beatmania 3rdMix
  • Beatmania 4thMix
  • Beatmania 5thMix
  • Beatmania 6thMix
  • Beatmania 7thMix
  • Beatmania Club Mix
  • Beatmania CompleteMix
  • Beatmania CompleteMix 2
  • Beatmania Core Remix
  • Beatmania The Final
  • Beatmania feat. Dreams Come True

Known Parts🔗

Images and Diagrams🔗

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Repair Manuals🔗

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Repair Tips🔗

Replacement Screw Specifications for Mini Cabinets 🔗

Below is a partial list of screw replacements for a beatmania mini cabinet.

  • Monitor housing outside screws - Truss head stainless steel M6 1.0mm thread pitch 20mm length screws [1]
  • Control panel steel trim screws - Truss head stainless steel No.8 1/2" length sheet metal screws [2]