TOEI TC-L292 Monitor Chassis

TC-L292, original

TOEI OEM monitor used in many games. There appears to be two revisions of this board. One has extra connectors populated and a daughter board that is powered by the main board and is marked with "292NJM2". The other has no daughter board, some of the connectors are unpopulated and marked with "L292K". Aside from this difference, the boards have identical layouts for both the main chassis and the neckboard. It appears that the daughter board and extra connections are degauss related.

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Monitor adjustments.

Monitor adjustments.

292NJM2 Chassis top view.

L292K Chassis top view.

Other revision where you can see the two caps on the right of the flyback shield

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🔗 Capacitor List

I couldn't find a capacitor list or a kit on line to do a swap, so I got the list of capacitors myself. They are as follows (aluminum electrolytic capacitors and polarized unless noted):

  • 4x 16V 10uF - C401, C402, C403, C58
  • 1x 16V 22uF - C79
  • 1x 16V 22uF bipolar - C92
  • 1x 16V 33uF - C22
  • 1x 16V 47uF - C69
  • 3x 16V 100uF - C6, C11, C75
  • 1x 16V 220uF - ?
  • 3x 16V 470uF - C51, C45, C15
  • 1x 16V 1000uF - C70
  • 1x 25V 1000uF - C71
  • 4x 35V 4.7uF - C57, C37, C36, C40
  • 1x 35V 4.7uF bipolar - C60
  • 2x 35V 47uF - C90, C68
  • 2x 35V 100uF - C96, C98
  • 2x 35V 1000uF - C83, C8
  • 5x 50V 1uF - C102, C106, C108, C63, C43
  • 2x 50V 2.2uF bipolar - C93, C94
  • 1x 50V 4.7uF bipolar - C23
  • 1x 50V 10uF - C12
  • 1x 100V 47uF - C67
  • 1x 160V 47uF - C84
  • 1x 160V 470uF - C5
  • 1x 180V 680uF - C73
  • 2x 250V 22uF - C30, C404
  • 1x 250V 100uF - C19

Note 1: Tthis includes a capacitor on the sub board that sometimes isn't present.

Note 2: I've added cap location based on my revision which didn't have the 16V 220uF on the sub-board. However, two caps aren't listed here, mounted on a small PCB over a transistor on the right of the flyback metal shield