Andamiro MK6

Andamiro (2005-2009)

Used in many Pump games, and the In The Groove 2 dedicab.Note: there are two different types of MK6 hardware. Due to the different soundchip the newer version of the MK6 hardware is known to be incompatible with some older pump games (Exceed 2 and Zero). The game will run fine, but the audio will not work.

NOTE: v2 of the MK6 is also sometimes referred to as the MK7. What is it actually called? I have no idea.

Mobo info:
MK6 V1 = Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK Rev 2.X or GA-8IPE1000MK (rev. 1.x)
MK6 V2/MK7 (NX) = Gigabyte GA-8I865GME-775-RH Rev 1.X

Known Games🔗

In The Groove

  • In The Groove 2

Pump It Up

  • Pump It Up Zero
  • Pump it Up Exceed 2
  • Pump it Up Fiesta
  • Pump it Up FiestaEX
  • Pump it Up NX
  • Pump it Up NX Absolute
  • Pump it Up NX2

Known Parts🔗

Images and Diagrams🔗

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Repair Manuals🔗

No manuals currently added.

Repair Tips🔗

Upgrading to Fiesta or Fiesta EX on MK6 hardware 🔗

When upgrading to Fiesta or Fiesta EX on MK6 hardware, you'll need to upgrade the memory to at least 512MB!

Common failures 🔗

The Rextech videocard installed at the factory is notoriously unreliable. This is due to a design flaw in the heatsink on that specific card, not any issue with the FX5200 chip itself. It is strongly recommended to replace the card with a retail low-profile FX5200 videocard, preferably with a passive heatsink. The new card usually won't fit correctly in the case, requiring the hard drive/dongle to be mounted somewhere outside the main computer.

Power Supply Failure 🔗

The power supply tends to fail on these. The correct form factor is "TFX" if you are looking for a new replacement.