Pump It Up

Andamiro (1999-2013)

5 arrow stepping fun!

Please note that there are many different cabinet types for this game, and there are varying combinations of game hardware and cabinets out there. Here's a list of the cabinets:

SD (The oldest cabinet type. Looks like a classic DDR machine, you can easily tell it apart from the others by its rounded DDR style marquee)
DX (An older, large pump it up cabinet that used a rear projection screen. You'll often find the rear projection screen replaced with an HDTV)
SX (Odd cabinet that has two coin doors with a speaker in the middle. Similar to the SD but has a new marquee type with 4 lights in a row above the marquee )
GX (Huge ~33" screen. This cabinet type inspired the ITG2 Dedicab. Uses the 4 lights in a row marquee)
SXv2 (Newer version of the SX style cabinet, uses a 27" flat screen CRT)
FX (One of Andamiro's first "modern" pump cabinets. Flat cabinet body with a plasma screen and an equalizer effect)
CX, and TX (Newest pump cabinets)

Known Hardware🔗

Andamiro MK3

  • 2nd Dance Floor
  • 3rd Dance Floor / O.B.G. (Oldies But Goodies)
  • 3rd O.B.G. SE (Season Evolution)
  • Evolutionary Dance Floor
  • PREX 2
  • PREX 3
  • Perfect Collection
  • Premiere 2
  • Premiere 3
  • Pump it Up: The Ultimate Remix [1st Dance Floor]
  • Rebirth
  • The Collection
  • The Fusion / 1st & 2nd Dance Floor
  • The PREX
  • The Premiere

Andamiro MK5

  • Exceed 1
  • Premiere 3
  • Prex 3

Andamiro MK6

  • Pump It Up Zero
  • Pump it Up Exceed 2
  • Pump it Up Fiesta
  • Pump it Up FiestaEX
  • Pump it Up NX
  • Pump it Up NX Absolute
  • Pump it Up NX2

Andamiro MK9

  • Pump It Up Fiesta
  • Pump It Up Fiesta 2
  • Pump It Up Fiesta EX
  • Pump It Up NX Absolute
  • Pump It Up NX2
  • Pump It Up PRIME
  • Pump It Up PRIME 2
  • Pump It Up XX

Known Parts🔗

Images and Diagrams🔗

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Repair Manuals🔗

Repair Tips🔗

Fixing/increasing pad sensitivity 🔗

Basically, buy 2MM thick "Foamie sheets", cut them into pieces, and tape them over the L brackets that cover the sensors.