Jubeat Blower Fan (replacement)

09533GA-12L-AA-00, compatible

Factory recommended replacement for the blower fan assembly. The assembly usually requires a fair bit of tear-down to get to, but these fans have often never been replaced or serviced, and are responsible for keeping the screen cool to prevent yellowing. The existing fans can simply be cleaned and mounted back into the original assembly, but if a brand new fan is preferred or needed, this is the recommended option.

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Stock image for replacement blower (mouser)

Old original blowers mounted in assembly housing

Old blower (Left) vs replacement (Right)

Recommended replacement models chart/specs

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🔗 24L vs 24K Blowers

The 24L model fans shown/recommended here are near identical in specifications to the original Jubeat fans. However, it would be possible to instead use the 24K model fans if one so chose. The 24Ks are slightly quieter, while also lacking in air pushed out as a result. If the cabinet is in a home-use setting where it is not constantly on and running many hours for days at a time, this should be more than serviceable. However, this is not at all recommended for cabinets that are expected to receive high/constant use, such as in an arcade.