KONAMI (2008-2013)

There appear to be two main variants of the jubeat casing: a pre-L44 build (I44, J44, etc...) and an L44-build cabinet.

jubeat before L44 used a P3IO for it's input, but switched to a P4IO with L44.

Cabinets that were built before L44 had their P3IO with a JAMMA edge connector, which allowed for an easy upgrade to the P4IO with L44 upgrade kit.

Cabinets that were built for L44 don't have an edge connector, and have the P4IO built into the casing.

Known Hardware

Bemani PC (ADE-6291)

  • Latest revision cabinets using Windows 7 Embedded run this board.

Bemani PC (ADE-704A)

  • jubeat Qubell (L44)
  • jubeat clan (L44)
  • jubeat festo (L44)
  • jubeat prop (L44)
  • jubeat saucer (fulfill) (L44)

Bemani PC Type 3 (Variant C)

  • jubeat copious (APPEND)
  • jubeat knit (APPEND)
  • jubeat ripples (APPEND)

Known Parts

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