Konami P3IO

PWB112263690000, original

This I/O board is included in BemaniPCs for GuitarFreaks/DrumMania V4-V8; jubeat (2008) -> jubeat copious append; and in DDR boards running the IT945GME motherboard. The jubeat/GFDM and DDR variants differ slightly with respect to their on-board serial ports, and are not compatible with each other without game hooks or a hardware mod.

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🔗 DDR P3IO Conversion Hardmod

If you have a P3IO from a jubeat or GuitarFreaks/DrumMania PC, you can do some microsoldering to convert it to the typical DDR P3IO, at which point it will work out of the box with PC-based DDR mixes without any hooks.

Cut two traces and solder two jumper wires as shown in the following photo:

You will have to solder a 3 pin JST header on CN21. Then make a bridge to where the old COM2 were on the 6 pin JST next to it. This will put the cardreaders on the exact same spot as where it was on the Python 2. You now have a plug and play P3IO for DDR!

credit for instructions + images: GravitySandwich