Sanwa Illumintated Dome Push Button

OBSA-100UMQ, original

A 100mm domed illuminated push button.

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Buying the correct buttons from Rakuten 🔗

If you are buying buttons from Sanwa's Rakuten site, it may be confusing as there are multiple listings for buttons, all having the same picture.

Two links are provided from Rakuten, depending on what cabinet it's need for. Each link has 3 pages to buy buttons with LEDs (LEDランプ), incandescent wedge ball lamps (ウェッジ球ランプ), or no lamps (ランプ無し)

If you are buying buttons for an HD pop'n music cabinet (Type E or F), click here. These include a Sanwa OBSA-LHS1F-LN microswitch with each button.

If you are buying buttons for an SD pop'n music cabinet, use click here. These include a traditional lamp holder and Omron V-10-1A5 microswitch with each button.