Battle Garegga

Raizing (1996-2016)

The seminal STG title, developed by Raizing, published by Eighting.

Runs on custom hardware derived from the "Toaplan2" chipset, centered around the custom GP9001 graphics controller. The GP9001 offers three scroll planes (BG, FG, and Text) and a double-buffered sprite blitter system. Battle Garegga, like all their GP9001 titles from Mahou Daisakusen onwards, adds a fourth dedicated text tilemap layer made with discrete hardware, superimposed onto the GP9001 output.

For general repair tips, especially color and video related problems, please see the Raizing Toaplan 2 page.

Known Hardware🔗

Raizing Toaplan 2

  • Ver Sat Feb 3 1996
  • Ver Sat Mar 2 1996
  • Ver Tue Apr 2 1996
  • Ver Tue Dec 15 2016 (emulated)

Known Parts🔗

Images and Diagrams🔗

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Repair Manuals🔗

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Repair Tips🔗

Problem Symptom: Missing music, random sounds, game crashes 🔗

If sound effects work, startup tests pass, and instead of music you hear random sounds, chances are the sound latch GAL16V8 at U125 has problems. You can work around this issue to get a playing game by disabling music using dip switch 2.7 when the game is set to free play, but to truly fix it U125 must be replaced. Please see the page about the Raizing Sound Latch U125 for details.

Self Tests 🔗

Battle Garegga's self test routine is helpful in eliminating some basic problems. If video output is working correctly on the board, it will correctly identify a failure in main ROM, work RAM, video RAM, text RAM, and color RAM. If the game has at least progressed past this screen, you can be sure that those basic memories and their associated bus control logic are functioning. The bootup test will also attempt to inform you that the sound CPU is not functioning correctly, though the absence of such a message does not guarantee full functionality of the sound CPU system.

The self test will NOT test Sound RAM, nor very thoroughly test the communications between the main and sound CPU. Problems may arise that are symptomatic of issues with these areas, but the test may not directly report them.