Raizing Sound Latch U125

Raizing, original

This is a GAL16V8 that resides in the lower-right corner of Battle Garegga boards. Its precise function is not clear, but it is necessary for communication between the main and sound CPUs when playing music. Incorrect signals will at best cause the wrong music to play, and at worst hang the machine while the main processor waits indefinitely for a response from the sound CPU.

This GAL is soldered to the board and is locked, so it can not be dumped trivially.

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If the game appears to run, but locks up or plays garbled sounds instead of music, U125 is likely not working correctly.

If U125's pin 13 is not low (or at some level passing for a logic '0') the board will not boot up initially. A board stuck at boot can be bypassed by temporarily shorting this pin to 0 while the board is powered on.

🔗 GAL16V8 replacement

A replacement set of equations and compiled JED files are available to allow replacement of U125.

JED file (to burn to a GAL16V8): https://github.com/Mikejmoffitt/bgaregga-gals/raw/master/jed/BG_U125.JED

EQN source file: https://github.com/Mikejmoffitt/bgaregga-gals/blob/master/eqn/BG_U125.EQN