Dance Dance Revolution Solo

Konami (1999)

Known Hardware🔗

System 573

  • Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000
  • Dance Dance Revolution Solo 4th Mix
  • Dance Dance Revolution Solo 4th Mix Plus
  • Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix

Known Parts🔗

Images and Diagrams🔗

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Repair Manuals🔗

Repair Tips🔗

Always On/Off Pad Lights 🔗

If you have a DDR Solo with a deluxe pad and some of the pad lights always stay on or never stay on, then you may have bad optical relays on the lights control board. These can be replaced with a higher-quality aftermarket relay as listed above to make the lights operate properly again. First, try to reset the on-board circuit breakers (small black piece with a white pushbutton at the top) by pushing down with a small instrument like an Awl. If that doesn't fix the lights and you know that the bulbs and pad wiring is good then you should replace the optical relay for the channel that isn't working.

Pad Light Bulbs 🔗

From my measurements, these are standard E17 incandescent bulbs. The ones that came with my first cabinet were 40W bulbs, but I replaced them with 15W bulbs in order to pull almost 2 amps less current when running my solo.

Replacement Screw Specifications 🔗

Below is a partial list of screw replacements for solo cabinets.

  • Steel trim screws - Truss head stainless steel No.8 1/2" length sheet metal screws [1]